Prism Polish

Prism Polish

Prism Polish
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This polish is the very best I have ever found, for any metal. Over many years I have polished all sorts of metals. Prism has impressed me beyond words! This nontoxic, nonabrasive polish works with the tiniest amount. Within a few seconds it removes any oxidation and will leave a bright shiny surface.

The smallest container of Prism Polish is 6 oz., so I have repackaged [with permission] for small jewelry cleaning in a 1 oz. jar. This amount will last you a very long time.

Prism will make your jewelry pieces look like they just came off the buffing wheel. And, it will keep the luster beautiful longer. You will be amazed how beautiful your pieces can look with such little effort.  

Keep a soft cloth available to buff the polish off. This will blacken the towel. A soft tooth brush can get into the detail easily. Once dried any residual polish will sometimes leave fine powder in the fine detail. For this, use a clean soft toothbrush with rubbing alcohol, then towel dry.

Tempi Design is an authorized dealer for Prism Polish.

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