We all adore our Horses and want and deserve a special remembrance of their place in our hearts.


As an avid horse lover and owner—and designer of Horse and Equestrian Jewelry and Accessories— I strive to capture my subject in an accurate but charming moment. I offer my designs in Sterling Silver, Ancient Casting Bronze and and
proprietary jewelry  alloys— silvery white and yellow in color. "Golde" is the yellow alloy with the rich look of Gold, but at an affordable price. Our
White alloy has a very soft yellow glow to it, and is fast becoming the most favorite.

 My work reflects the diversity of riding styles and horse types and breeds. Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Driving, Cross Country, Foxes and Hunting,
Arabians, Freisians, Western Pleasure and more, as pendants and slides, necklaces and bracelets, stock pins and cuff links, rings and earrings and buckles.
Belt Buckles are available in a silvery White Jeweler’s Bronze and buttery Yellow Bronze.

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