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Onsite Studio
Each and every design is created and manufactured in my onsite Studio

About Us

In 2003, my Aunt and Godmother handed me a gold pocket watch and fob. It had been engraved in 1909 with the relief of the famous “Pharaoh’s Horses”, and belonged to her father, my grandfather.

Right then I decided this family heirloom would launch my next business, a horse jewelry design company named Tempi Design Studio. “Tempi” means change, and I planned to work towards a new dimension in Horse and Equestrian Jewelry Designs. “Studio” kept my connection of the Dental Laboratory Studio I owned and operated for so many years, where detail and custom made was a daily task.

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First Carved in Wax
My designs begin with an idea, and a photo as guidance. I usually start with a buckle if the design will be a series. Here is a Warmblood Horse photo I used as guidance. A Warmblood was requested and later critiqued by an FEI rider for correctness of position of the Piaffe. The Horse’s position is correct / ideal. This design has been so popular it kicked off a large Piaffe Series from several Buckles [shapes and sizes] down to right and left earrings in petite sizes.

Expertise in Handmade & Handcrafted Equestrian Jewelry

Over 40 years Casting Experience

Centrifical Casting by the Lost WaxMethod is
an ancient art. Eileen earned a degree from The University of Kentucky in Dental Technology and became a seasoned dental ceramist and metallurgist.

Dabbling in jewelry was a sideline since the tools and equipment were so similar. Dental work was fit under her microscope and confirmed in the mouth by Xray. Eileen brings her attention to detail in fractions of millimeters!! The result is highly refined but hand carved designs featuring her equestrian experiences and your requests.

Excellence in Equestrian Design

Tempi's story has been featured in numerous articles and periodicals, such as EQ AM Magazine, Sidelines Magazine and The Chronicle of the Horse . With an unmatched ability to design from your photo or logo in a raised sculpted relief, your treasure literally comes to life. An heirloom is created! Custom work is Tempi's specialty. Metals used are Sterling Silver, Bronzes or Gold. Stroll through our ever growing online Collections to view the exceptional detail. Your treasure is waiting for you!

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