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New Additions

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Jumping Horse side view profile stud earring. This has a sizeable fresh water pearl drop and a right and left facing horse. The horse is in the jumping position with knees tucked up, showing the mid section of the horse forward...
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A  new direction in 2023, our rearing horse design. This is not a specific riding discipline design , but rather for the love of the majestic horse. For whatever reason, this horse is up, and Tempi has captured the moment. The ...
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Our newest Buckle for 2023.......a wide oval with a Jumper Horse in a detailed raised relief profile. The horse has no tack, but a braided mane and his knees are tucked well in a jumping position. In a side view, he stretches h...

Tempi is always creating, just to keep the artistic juices flowing. Typically there will be several new designs or even design series in a calendar quarter. And you get the benefit!! Check back often! After approximately 90 days, the design will be taken off this New Additions page, as new pieces will replace them. Stay tuned!!

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