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We Design, Create AND Manufacture in our onsite Studio
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Tempi Design Studio was born with the intent to create
near 3D wearable art as jewelry, buckles, buttons and accessories to the WOW factor!

Hate to POLISH?!
We now offer a TARNISH BLOCKER. Please add this to your cart if interested.
New designs quarterly!  Check our "New Additions" page routinely!

With a background in dentistry, dental prosthetics, metallurgy is my thing. Using a variety of metals, Tempi can offer a wide range of price points for the same design. We are all familiar with Sterling Silver and Gold. Tempi also uses Ancient Casting Bronze and two proprietary jewelry alloys: a yellow alloy, mimicking gold, we call “Golde”—without the price tag—and a white alloy which has a very soft yellow tint/glow to it. Both of these proprietary alloys and the Ancient Casting Bronze are priced lower than Sterling Silver. Our Buckles are cast in White Jewelers Bronze or Yellow Bronze. We can cast Sterling Silver Buckles on request, a quote sent to you first.  10K, 14K, 18K Gold and even Platinum are also available by request!

Our product line began for Equestrians, but has expanded to include other Animals, Birds and Waterfowl, Nature and Nautical themes. The original design is first carved in wax, then cast by the Lost Wax Method. Next, every piece is sandblasted,  hand finished and polished. Tempi also does custom work, bringing 3D life and dimension to your Logo or Photo of your beloved horse or pet companion.

 Creating is the most fun for me!  Looking for something you don't find? Please email your suggestions.  Tempi would love to work with you!                                                                                 Check out https://TempiDesign.info
NOTE: If you email us a question, please check your junk email, as I do reply promptly!
Regards---E. Catherine Marie

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