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Arabian Horse Lever Back Earring  This earring is the same design as our stud earring, as a lever back. The sculpted raised relief has Arabian Head details with the dished face and petite ears. The small earring measures 5/8 in...
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Arabian Horse  Stud Earring  This design has a right and left facing earring. The Arabian Horse sculpted raised relief has a side profile with the typical dished face and petite ears. The small size earring measures 5/8 inch ro...
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Arabian Horse with Western Bridle Buckle    The raised relief side profile of an Arabian horse and a western bridle, and a sweetwater bit.  This design is a huge favorite and has a series including a large medallion. Choice of ...
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Arabian Horse with Halter Buckle   Our second Arabian horse design in a buckle. This sculpted horse has a 3/4 head view with the dished face, alert small ears, in a halter, rather than a bridle. This design also has a pendant v...
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Pharaoh's Horses Buckle  The famous painting by John Frederick Herring, circa 1865, sold about 20 years ago for 1.5 mil.Our family was fortunate to have a pocket watch and fob  [heirloom] with this relief on it, and my aunt, no...
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Western Arabian Medallion  This design always attracts Arabian lovers. The large version has a large bail and arrives on a 3-millimeter black leather neck cord. The raised relief and bridle/bit detail are accurate reproductions...

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