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Animal Designs

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Our smallest version of the Fox couple lovebirds. Mr Fox, 1 earring,  wears a bow tie and is sweet on Ms Fox, the second earring.  Ms Fox has a flowers on her head and tucks her head down shyly. Each fox is in sitting position ...
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Our sweet pony charm in 2 sizes make this a fun sterling charm bracelet. Smooth polished links sport 4 larger Ponies and 5 smaller ponies. These are 2 sided, full bodied charms joined by a sturdy soldered link.  Larger Pony Nug...
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One of our very favorite Buckles is now an earring!! Mr. Fox has a bow tie and wants to nuzzle in the ear of Ms Fox.   Ms Fox is feeling shy, her head is tipped down in anticiption. She has a lovely crown of flowers in this cou...
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Our fun tribute to your favorite pup, with a simple paw print. This design has been so popular!!    Our square pendant has cut outs for the paw pad and each toe. This pendant measures  5/8 inches wide x  5/8 inches tall. Total ...
Tempi Design is always expanding as creating is the most fun for me! In this collection, Tempi will list all the creatures great and small that are not horses.

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