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Horse Design Bracelets

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Tempi has been asked for these logos as charms, and we deliver! The same horse breed logos available as a cuff/ slide, key fob, earring and other items are available as a Charm for your collection.  We  offer a small, the same ...
In stock
Our Horse Breed Logo beads are adding on more Breeds.  Currently Tempi offers the Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Dutch and  Swedish Breeds. The others are following. These logos are double sides, solid metal, and fit the Pandora brand ...
Tempi offers all sorts of bracelets, from leather cuffs and woven leather, to gemstone bead work to classy artisan woven beads with our designs centered. Tempi can offer you any length needed, just add a note during check out in Customer Notes". We will reply with an email to confirm.  Let us know what you are looking for!!

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