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Horse Design Bracelets

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Horseshoe Slide on 5 Strand Woven Leather Bracelet  Our very popular woven leather bracelet has custom-designed end caps and a fold-over clasp.  The medium horseshoe size measures 3/4 inches tall x 5/8 inch wide.  Shown in Ster...
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For the driving enthusiasts, Tempi has combined a few favorite designs in a linked bracelet.  The driving pony began as a large Brooch slide. He has his bridle and eye blinkers,  and harness in place. This petite version  measu...
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Shown in Sterling Silver, our small horse shoes are joined to make a hint of a heart.  The shoes indicate nail heads and look quite authentic even though they are small. Measurements are  3/4 inch wide x  1/2 inch tall. To comp...
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Our large horse shoe joined together hinting at a heart shape.  Wonderfully understated but clearly horse shoes. This design slides on a leather cuff and is removable. Great if you have other  designs, as you can change them ou...
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Our large Horse Shoes joined together hinting at a heart.  Cast as 1 piece, the shoe has a groove and "nails" in place. A 2 milllimeter leather cord is doubled for the bracelet. Ends are sterling custom made end caps with a lob...
Tempi offers all sorts of bracelets, from leather cuffs and woven leather, to gemstone bead work to classy artisan woven beads with our designs centered. Tempi can offer you any length needed, just add a note during check out in Customer Notes". We will reply with an email to confirm.  Let us know what you are looking for!!

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