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Unique Horse Belt Buckles

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Belt Tips are available for our crock embossed leather belts.  Tips fit flush to the leather and are set from behind with tiny screws. Once you choose the belt width, you can order the corresponding tip. Available in our White ...
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Our  Bridle Leather Belts with stitching!   This width is the most common size. These belts are available in these luscious colors:  Black, Chestnut, Purple, Red, Green, Navy, and Dark Brown.  Excellent, top-quality leather. Ad...
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 I Our  Bridle Leather Belts with stitching!   These belts are available in these luscious colors:  Black, Chestnut, Purple, Red, Green, Navy, and Dark Brown.  Excellent, top-quality leather. Additionally, to match your silver ...
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New for Spring 2022! Tempi has taken one of our horse shoe designs, and doubled it to create this shape. We see it as an understated heart shape. Quite a unique Buckle and rather handsome too! This buckle fits a 1.25 inch wide ...
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Our new addition of leather belts! These are from a different artist and although the color range is browns and blacks, the colored thread options make for a very striking look!! One photo has the names labeled on the sample co...

Tempi Design is the creator of exquisite equestrian belt buckles—perfect for a day in jeans or the finishing touch to your riding attire. From simple horse shoe belt buckles to a horse in action buckle, Tempi’s creative talents sculpt unique belt buckles with intense fine detail.  These horse belt buckles are not just for women. Men’s belt buckles follow similar designs in a heavier weight. Tempi even has some western buckles for men.  Additionally, some designs have been combined, such as a horse shoe with a jumping horse, or a spur design with a horse in motion. Tempi takes great pride in the evolution of these stunning horse buckles, handcrafted with love, in our studio.

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