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Unique Horse Belt Buckles

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 Rosenthal, the Stallion     Such a beautiful being that needed to be remembered. His offspring are amazing and now there will only be a certain number to ever show after this sire. I began this design at Dressage at Devon, Sep...

Tempi Design is the creator of exquisite equestrian belt buckles—perfect for a day in jeans or the finishing touch to your riding attire. From simple horse shoe belt buckles to a horse in action buckle, Tempi’s creative talents sculpt unique belt buckles with intense fine detail.  These horse belt buckles are not just for women. Men’s belt buckles follow similar designs in a heavier weight. Tempi even has some western buckles for men.  Additionally, some designs have been combined, such as a horse shoe with a jumping horse, or a spur design with a horse in motion. Tempi takes great pride in the evolution of these stunning horse buckles, handcrafted with love, in our studio.

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