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Equestrain Designs

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Horseshoe Nail Ring with White Sapphires   I have been asked over and over for a Horseshoe Nail Ring. I had to have a different approach than any I could find available, and keeping it simple and adding stones was the answer. T...
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A favorite ring of the Farrier's Nail with no stones set in it, allowing a different price point. The design has the authentic nail head texture and tapers  some for a very wearable band width of 1/8 inch.  A customer request, ...
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7 Horse Shoe Ring  Very small Horse Shoe with Nail detail. Almost indiscernible as horseshoes, with the up and down stacking. Tempi loves to create designs that don't always scream  "Equestrian". The band is a bit tapered under...
Since our Horse Design Collection is specifically the "Horse", Tempi has listed other equestrian-related products here: Horseshoes, Stirrups, Bits, Spurs,  Breed Logos and more.

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