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Equestrain Designs

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Boot Zipper Pulls     Tempi has taken some favorite designs and created a great functional piece as a zipper pull. These are just great on your riding boots, chaps, or totes. Four designs to choose from and great as a little gi...
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Petite Fox and Hound Stud Earrings    Our smallest Fox Mask is paired up with the hound, facing right and left. The petite fox measures 3/8 inch round and the hound measures The overall length is 1 inch The 2 are joined with a ...
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Tally Ho Lever Back Earrings     A tribute to the Fox HUnter, this simple statement is music to a rider's ears when involved in a fox hunt ride. Carved through the sterling bar,, these fun earrings measure 1  3/4 inches tall an...
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One of our favorite Buckles, now a bit smaller and is a  new Slide/Brooch. This can be your Stock Pin or a statement Hunt Medallion.  This design was taken from an old medal, modified a bit and brought back for new uses. The sl...
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Our Fox Mask Classic Earring Charm is joined with our small Horse Shoe in a linked Bracelet. The fox has raised relief with fur detail.  He measures 1/2 inch round and the horse shoe measures  1/2 inch  x  7/16 inch wide. They ...
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Tally Ho Fox and Hound Bracelet   A very fun bracelet for the Foxhunt lover. Our petite charms of a Fox and Hound dangle freely off the Tally Ho bar bracelet.  The bar measures 5/16 inches wide x 1  1/2 inches wide.  Tally Ho i...
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Petite Fox Mask Stud Earring   A favorite stud earring of the Fox Mask in our smallest size. These measure 3/8 inch round and match and blend with many other fox designs. The stud back is placed in the top 1/3 so the earring ha...
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Petite Fox Charms on a Sterling Chain Necklace     A lovely collection of Fox Masks, 5 total on a sterling Rolo chain.  The chain measures 18 inches and has a jump ring also set for 16-inch wearing. The petite fox measures 3/8 ...
Since our Horse Design Collection is specifically the "Horse", Tempi has listed other equestrian-related products here: Horseshoes, Stirrups, Bits, Spurs,  Breed Logos and more.

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