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Equestrain Designs

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A very sweet Horse earring with the offset squared shape. This design features and Extended Trot Horse as  a very small earring. The squared piece is 3/8 inch  wide, and  1  1/2 inch tall overall with the lever back and garnet ...
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Two petite horse shoes combine to shape a heart for an earring and a sweet garnet drop. The heart measures just 3/8 inch from top to bottom, and 5/8 inch wide. Add the garnet drop and the stud earring measures  3/4 inch tall ov...
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Our Piaffe Horse earring in the squared version with a new gem drop. This carribean ocean blue gem is a rectangular shape and looks especailly great with sterling silver. This Design has a right and left version in a raised rel...
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Our Dressage Horse from 2020 as a stud earring with a gem drop.  This horse has a right and left facing, earring with a braided mane and double bridle. The photo features a black onyx gem drop, but other gem options are availab...
Since our Horse Design Collection is specifically the "Horse", Tempi has listed other equestrian-related products here: Horseshoes, Stirrups, Bits, Spurs,  Breed Logos and more.

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