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Equestrain Designs

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Here is our smallest version of the Western Pleasure Horse as a pendant.  The same detail is here but the entire piece measures just  5/8 inch round with a proportioned size bail.  The horse has the same raised detail, bridle w...
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Western Pleasure Horse Medallion    Trying to be equal to our western riders,  I worked on a western design to make western lovers proud. With a proper western bridle and bit, this large medallion measures 1  1/2 inch round and...
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A new direction by Tempi! Rather than going with a certain riding discipline, this design is the horse standing upright in a rearing position.  I think of a wild Mustang ready to defend his herd. Perhaps leaning a bit western, ...
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New for Autumn 2020!  Paint Horse Galloping Free Buckle.  This large buckle fits a 1.5 inch wide belt. This horse as lovely paint markings and reminds of the old west and wild horses running free.  His tail hangs just a bit off...
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Arabian Horse with Western Bridle Buckle    The raised relief side profile of an Arabian horse and a western bridle, and a sweetwater bit.  This design is a huge favorite and has a series including a large medallion. Choice of ...
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Our smaller version of the Quarter Horse pendant with halter. This pendant measures  just 3/4 inch wide x  1  1/8 inch tall overall.  It has the same sculpted raised relief as the original and leaves no question of the breed of...
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Our Quarter Horse with a Halter Medallion in Sterling Silver.  Fashioned off our Quarter Horse buckle, this medallion shares the same sculpted raised relief with a full jowl and flowing mane.  This medallion measures  1  1/16 i...
Since our Horse Design Collection is specifically the "Horse", Tempi has listed other equestrian-related products here: Horseshoes, Stirrups, Bits, Spurs,  Breed Logos and more.

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