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Nautical Collection

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Another fun nautical piece---sand dollar! These sweet pieces replicate the sought after beach find. The sand dollar measures  9/16 inches tall x  5/8 inch wide and 1  3/16 inches tall overall. It has a domed shape to the front ...
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Another nautical piece! This StarFish design is a realistic as can be. The five legs have a textured finish and thier own shape and stance. One leg has a very small jump ring to allow for the drop. Tempi has used a lovely soft ...
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From our Nautical Collection, Tempi brings you the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe. This is the only place in the world these boats exist and race. Originally a waterman's work boat, they beagn to "race home" after a day  tonging oyst...
Tempi specializes in Equestrian designs, but we have been asked for other types of work.  Since I reside on Maryland's Eastern shore, the Log Canoe was a big request! Additional sealife creatures, shells, sand dollars and more have been created and are now being added to this site.  Looking for something you do not see?  Send us a note by email and Tempi will reply!

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