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Horse Design Pendants and Medallions

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A customer request was behind this jumper pendant. Originally a large slide for a leather cuff, this is a smaller version pendant. The side profile of a jumping horse in a raise relief shows a jumping horse with an arched neck,...
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This classic look is a Hunter Horse with Bridle in a medium pendant.  The sweet expression wears a snaffle bit and bridle and braided mane, ears forward on the horse. The raised relief has this fine detail. The pendant measures...
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One of our favorite Buckles, now a bit smaller and is a  new Slide/Brooch. This can be your Stock Pin or a statement Hunt Medallion.  This design was taken from an old medal, modified a bit and brought back for new uses. The sl...
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This Hunter Jumper design has run the course and this very small round pendant was a request. The same raised relief of thehorse witha   martingale, bridle, braided mane and boots make this classic hunter a very wearable daily ...
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Fancy Hunter Jumper Slide/Brooch              This Hunter Jumper design was one of my very first of intense detail and raised relief jumper designs.  The jumper has a braided mane, bridle with martingale, and jumping boots with...
Once Tempi has a design in mind [ often it begins as a Buckle size], a large Pendant, or Medallion as we call it, is created. The next size smaller is a Pendant, typically a medium version of the medallion [less than 1 inch in size], and finally a small pendant. After these sizes are completed, the right and left earrings are created.

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