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Horse Design Pendants and Medallions

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A  new direction in 2023, our rearing horse design. This is not a specific riding discipline design , but rather for the love of the majestic horse. For whatever reason, this horse is up, and Tempi has captured the moment. The ...
In stock
Our smaller version of the Quarter Horse pendant with halter. This pendant measures  just 3/4 inch wide x  1  1/8 inch tall overall.  It has the same sculpted raised relief as the original and leaves no question of the breed of...
Once Tempi has a design in mind [ often it begins as a Buckle size], a large Pendant, or Medallion as we call it, is created. The next size smaller is a Pendant, typically a medium version of the medallion [less than 1 inch in size], and finally a small pendant. After these sizes are completed, the right and left earrings are created.

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