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Specialty Designs/Accessories

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Our addition to your Pandora type bracelet which allows a charm to be attached and dangle down. This is a Pandora type bead. This bead  has raised hearts, 3 in all, that wrap around the bead for signaling this is something you ...
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Our Irish Coin is the centerpiece of this Sterling Link Bracelet. The Coin measures 3/4 inch round and has soldered links to the smooth polished sterling link bracelet. The bracelet has a lobster clasp and the coin has the iden...
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Our Horse Breed Logo beads are adding on more Breeds.  Currently Tempi offers the Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Dutch and  Swedish Breeds. The others are following. These logos are double sides, solid metal, and fit the Pandora brand ...
Tempi creates useful accessories from our most popular jewelry designs

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