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Specialty Designs/Accessories

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Retired Racehorse Project Logo Stock Pin large size. The original design. Finally, a 3D take on the logo for your show apparel!  Meticulously hand-created, drip by drip of wax, carving, and more wax, then cast by the lost wax m...
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Tempi is very excited to present this 3 horse equestrian design buckle!! I was asked some time ago to create a 3 Phase buckle and this has finally worked out.  Tempi has taken our Cross Country Water Jump horse in a medium vers...
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Jumper Profile Large on Woven Bead Bracelet     This Jumper Profile  Sterling centerpiece measures 7/8 inch tall x 1  1/16 inch wide.  Tempi works with an artist who weaves our centerpieces with special glass beads. The beads a...
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Jumper Outline on Woven Bead Bracelet     Our medium version of the jumper outline measures 5/8 inches tall x 3/4 inches wide, with 4 rows of beads. Tempi works jointly with another artist who creates the woven bead bracelet an...
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Stallions who have contributed to the Sport...this began with the Rosenthal Series.  Once the medallion was completed,  the smaller versions were presented. The medium size measures 7/8 inch round and 1  1/4 inch tall overall. ...
Tempi creates useful accessories from our most popular jewelry designs

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