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Specialty Designs/Accessories

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Woven Leather Neckcord 8 strand  This beautiful leather neck cord is 3/16 inches wide, round-shaped, woven of 8 strands of leather. Colors available are black or a multi-brown. A few designs arrive with this selection, such as ...
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New for Spring 2022! Tempi has taken one of our horse shoe designs, and doubled it to create this shape. We see it as an understated heart shape. Quite a unique Buckle and rather handsome too! This buckle fits a 1.25 inch wide ...
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This Thoroughbred and Jockey design is also a Medallion, but here it is a Slide on a wide leather cuff  bracelet.  This design is part of an old medal brought back to life with some modifications. TB pople are often looking for...
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Belt Tips are available for our crock embossed leather belts.  Tips fit flush to the leather and are set from behind with tiny screws. Once you choose the belt width, you can order the corresponding tip. Available in our White ...
Tempi creates useful accessories from our most popular jewelry designs

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