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Specialty Designs/Accessories

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Boot Zipper Pulls     Tempi has taken some favorite designs and created a great functional piece as a zipper pull. These are just great on your riding boots, chaps, or totes. Four designs to choose from and great as a little gi...
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Our Fox Mask Classic Earring Charm is joined with our small Horse Shoe in a linked Bracelet. The fox has raised relief with fur detail.  He measures 1/2 inch round and the horse shoe measures  1/2 inch  x  7/16 inch wide. They ...
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A new adddition to our Beads which fit on a Pandora bracelet! The Phantom Fox design has been worked into a new bead for you. The bead measures  1/2 inch wide x  1/2 inch tall and 5/16 inch thick.  The bead is double sided and ...
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Fox Mask Stud Earring with Grey Moonstone Gem Drop      Here is our top Fox stud earring in Sterling with a silvery Moonstone kite-shaped faceted drop.  You can see the faceting in the various photos. The stud measures 1/2 inch...
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Fox Mask with Rope Edge -small-on Woven Bead Bracelet   This 3-row bracelet measures 1/2 inch wide.  Tempi works jointly with another artist who creates the woven bead bracelet and we insert our designs as centerpieces. You wil...
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French Horn Stud Earrings  I was asked to please make I do try to keep up with requests. These French Horn, or Hunt int Horn stud earrings are small and adorable. Completely 3 dimensional!  These measure  1/2 inch...
Tempi creates useful accessories from our most popular jewelry designs

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