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Specialty Designs/Accessories

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Fox Mask Stud Earring with Grey Moonstone Gem Drop      Here is our top Fox stud earring in Sterling with a silvery Moonstone kite-shaped faceted drop.  You can see the faceting in the various photos. The stud measures 1/2 inch...
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Piaffe Horse Stud Earring Squared with Framed Gem Drops    This design has exploded with popularity. The matched gem pairs are offered in different colors and are light enough for everyday wear [ not recommended while riding]. ...
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French Horn Stud Earrings  I was asked to please make I do try to keep up with requests. These French Horn, or Hunt int Horn stud earrings are small and adorable. Completely 3 dimensional!  These measure  1/2 inch...
Tempi creates useful accessories from our most popular jewelry designs

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