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Horse Design Pendants and Medallions

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Carriage Horse Pendant / Pin MediumOur medium version of the Carriage Horse is a pendant and pin. The same cut-out wheel surrounds the horse and the detail of the tack is not lost on this somewhat smaller size. Piece measures 1...
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Baroque Pearl on Leather Cord with Petite Charm  ONLY 1 REMAINS Please make your choice of leather color and charm and add to "Customer Notes" during check out. You may choose the leather color and charm. This stunning Baroque ...
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Celebrate Chincoteague!! The annual pony swim in Virginia is late July. Surfer Dude was a revered Stallion who has many offspring and was followed closely on the Chincoteague websites.  He lived well into his 20's, but one spri...
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Dressage Horse Squared Pendant  This design shows a raised relief of a  Dressage Horse with a double bridle and braided mane. The ear position conveys  "listening" to the rider.  This pendant is a smaller version of our 8 sided...
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Once Tempi has a design in mind [ often it begins as a Buckle size], a large Pendant, or Medallion as we call it, is created. The next size smaller is a Pendant, typically a medium version of the medallion [less than 1 inch in size], and finally a small pendant. After these sizes are completed, the right and left earrings are created.

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